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Better Build the Best Building for your Business Success

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Better Build the Best Building for your Business Success

If I asked you to picture a self storage facility, chances are you would be thinking ‘big barn on big block’, but these days self storage buildings come in all shapes and sizes, and on sites of all shapes and sizes.

Better Build the Best Building for your Business Success

While single-storey steel storage facilities on big blocks of land are still common, times have changed. These days, self storage buildings are often multi-storey and built on small or odd-shaped blocks of land.

Why consider these new-style self storage buildings? For starters, it may be easier to find a smaller block of land in the area you want to build, and it is likely to be a lot cheaper than the traditional large site.

Real estate is all about location, and investing in self storage buildings even more so, if that is possible. The key, no matter what size the site, is that self storage buildings must be visible to passing traffic. They are your future customers.

In the world of fast-moving consumer goods, it’s all about maximum product to the footprint. So too, with self storage buildings. If the numbers are going to work for you, that means putting as much rentable space on the site as is possible – going up makes sense for visibility, and for maximising your rentable space.

Obviously, if your self storage buildings are multi-storey, you have to take access into consideration. Your customers want convenience so they need to know you have taken their needs on board, and have planned your self storage buildings to be as accessible as possible.

Obviously a flat, level site is the simplest on which to build but don’t rule out a site on a slope. The change in elevation could allow you to construct self storage buildings with entrances at different levels.

If that’s possible for the design of your self storage buildings, then you have an advantage over a single level building: you have two levels of rentable space that are easily accessible with a vehicle, and you can also add extra storage units that are accessible by stairs and lifts.

There are no rules about what self storage buildings should look like, so your multi-storey steel storage facility could be constructed on a block that might not work for a traditional office or retail construction.

The beauty of keeping your mind open to different possibilities is that you can consider odd-shaped parcels of land to do your development on. You may even get it at a cheaper price if it is hard to sell for any other type of development.

Investing in cleverly designed self storage buildings can be exciting and financially rewarding. Do your homework and talk to the experts in the industry before you start your self storage buildings project, and you will find it paying dividends for you and your clients for many years to come.