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If you’ve been thinking about getting into the Self Storage industry but don’t think your site is the right size or shape to be all things to all people, think again – because it doesn’t have to be.

Providing your potential market is ‘out there’, you can realise a very good return on your investment by choosing to build a specialised Self Storage facility that is designed to cater to a certain segment of the population.

Your potential clients could be collectors, connoisseurs and corporate customers, as well as people who simply don’t have the space or security at their own property for what they want to protect.

Think delicate or precious documents, artwork or other fragile collectibles, guns, classic cars, caravans and motorhomes, boats, wine. All of these need safe, secure storage – perhaps your facility can be the Self Storage site of choice for customers who need to know that these types of possessions are well protected.

Obviously if you are tailoring your site to a specific type of use, you may need to provide more specific features to protect those items: top-notch air conditioning systems for temperature and humidity control, 24/seven monitoring for security and fire, advice on higher level insurance, private rather than public entry and access, even a specialised packing and transporting service.

Those additions are vital to ensure the peace of mind of your clients, but they cost more to provide. However, a clientele that expects this level of protection is prepared to pay for it.

If you are thinking about going down this road of specialised Self Storage, it makes sense to stock more specialised types of boxes and wrapping options for your customers. Your job is to ensure your customers’ possessions are protected and to make the process of that protection as simple as possible.

So, yes, make sure you stock bubble wrap, tape and a variety of cardboard boxes, but also look into acid-free wrappings, fireproof boxes, frame boxes to keep paintings and their frames safe, and other specialty items. If you don’t want to tie up money by investing in these items, take the time to connect with a reputable supplier who can supply you or your customers on call, according to their needs.

It also makes sense to inform yourself on the best methods of packing and storing various precious items, so you can help your customers with advice – or at least point them in the right direction to get that type of advice (their insurance company might have information on the subject).

While you don’t want to suggest that your facility is anything less than secure, the fact is that incidents like floods and fires do happen. So make sure you remind them to update their insurance levels and make lists of what they are packing and storing, with all the relevant details that an insurance company will need, and to take photos of the items to go with that list.

They will appreciate the attention to detail from you, and walk away knowing their collectables and heirlooms are in the hands of a storage expert. And for this type of Self Storage facility, attention to detail is paramount.