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Position is Profit in Self Storage

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Position is Profit in Self Storage

If you think you want to build self storage, there is no more important issue to consider than the evergreen rule of real estate: location, location, location!

Position is Profit in Self Storage

If you get the site wrong when you build self storage, it doesn’t matter how good the facility is, it will never be a true winner. So, what are the things you need to do if you want to build self storage, and build it the right way?

It makes sense to start with a business plan that you can do yourself or hire an expert to do for you. You need to include information about the customers you plan to serve, the general demographics of the area, and what the competition is, and what they are charging.

Check the local zoning regulations too, because having all the relevant information before you build self storage will be key to whether you continue your investment in a certain area, or perhaps look elsewhere.

If everything adds up, then the next step when you want to build self storage is to find a good local real estate agent. You need one who specialises in commercial property and understands the zoning restrictions and allowances that will affect what you want to do.

Let them do the hard yards in terms of finding and recommending some sites that will allow you to build self storage and then go and check all the possibilities yourself – you need to be sure the site you choose ticks many other boxes.

Visibility is one of the most important issues when you build self storage, because chances are the people who see your site are the people who are going to rent space and build your business.

A good way to check is to get in your car and drive past the potential steel storage site from different approaches, if possible. Can you see it? Is there anything that could hinder the view of the site, such as other buildings that are already there, or might be built in the future?

While you’re driving those roads, consider the amount of traffic that is using them and what else is nearby that might increase the amount of traffic and therefore the views your site will get when you build self storage there.

If there is nothing that is part of their lifestyle – cafés, supermarkets, schools or petrol stations – then you may not be seen by your future potential customers. Then again, if they have to travel this road to get to those places, such as from a lot of unit blocks or a housing development, then the site should still be on the list of possibilities.

Remember, your role is to solve a problem for them. When you build self storage units, you are providing them with a solution for storing the precious possessions they don’t have room for at work or home. It makes sense to be exactly where they live their lives so they know who to call when they need that assistance.