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Smart Design is the Key to Self Storage Profits

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Smart Design is the Key to Self Storage Profits

Once upon a time if someone said ‘self storage design’, the mental image would be a vast metal shed with little architectural flair – but not any more.

Smart Design is the Key to Self Storage Profits

Self storage design today is very much about being fit for purpose and position, not one size and style to fit all.

Self storage design today is also about street appeal – the more attractive your design, the more your potential customers are likely to walk in the door.

While your customers may not believe that they are looking for something attractive to store their goods in, it’s been well proven that an attractive self storage design is more likely to bring them in to check out the facility and, hopefully, rent space from you.

New techniques and materials, innovative layouts, and even specialist landscaping have made a huge difference to the way self storage design is done today, and as a result steel storage facilities often look nothing like the classic image of a self storage building.

Self storage design has become very big business in America, with investors in the field doing things very differently. Some play with colour, or different building designs, but the aim of the exercise is to make the steel storage facility stand out from every other building in the area, so it’s noticed.

If you’re pondering just what sort of self storage design you should choose for your site, it makes sense to consult an expert. When you have a large site to play with, things are relatively easy; if you don’t, that’s when someone with expertise can make a big difference in coming up with a self storage design that will make your facility pay.

If you’re still looking for a site for your steel storage facility, don’t be put off if you can only find a small block. An expert in self storage design will be able to create a facility that will maximise the site’s potential – and your profits.

Smaller sites can make for great self storage design opportunities because they can save on construction costs – and if they’re in busy, built-up areas, you might find your steel storage facility is in great demand with little competition.

Your self storage design specialist can create a multi-storey facility that will give you the right return on your investment, so you end up with the same amount of rentable space as a single storey property on a larger block.

A self storage design that is multi-storey will stand out from the crowd – literally. Its greater street presence will mean your future customers will notice it, and if the steel storage facility is well designed, those customers will soon realise that self storage designs that are more than one storey can be just as convenient to use as a single storey option – and that will bring them through the door to sign up.