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There’s nothing quite like a refresh or facelift to make you look and feel younger – and the same is true for an ageing Self Storage facility.

It might be financially daunting, but at a time when kerb appeal is important for drawing in your customers, it could be an expense you need to consider.

After all, do you really think your customers will be impressed if they have driven across town to store their precious possessions with you and they find themselves looking at a tired old building that has obviously seen better days? Their confidence in your business will be out the window.

Sadly, first impressions do count, so maybe it’s time to consider ways of making your old facility look new again, and that can range from a major investment that will change the shape or size of the building down to a simpler, cheaper option such as upgrading the landscaping, colours or even some materials.

So, what needs doing? If your building is so dated that nothing will improve it short of changing the structure, then that is what needs to be done – but you may not need to go overboard.

It may be as simple as a small extension that will allow you to freshen the look of the entire facility and provide for a bigger, more modern office and retail area.

Then again, if the whole building needs re-thinking in line with your clients’ needs, and you have a fantastic location that can’t be improved upon, it may be worth doing the full redevelopment to a modern structure. Talk to your Self Storage advisor and your accountant, to see if the figures stack up.

However, if your facility is still very workable but looks tired, because of the materials used in the original build, you may be able to strip back the façade and replace it with a new façade of more modern materials.

Depending on what the problem is, you may not even need to strip the façade but simply add a veneer of the new materials over the old, and you have instant improvement.

Just as with a house, one of the simplest and cheapest ways to refresh the look of any commercial building is with a coat of paint. Chances are your original colour scheme is looking a bit tired too, so consider a revamp with brighter colours and perhaps some interesting trims (timber or brick inset panels, or just strips of different colour bands against your basic colour choice). Stand back and be impressed!

The other easy and relatively cheap way to lift the appearance of a property that is looking a bit worn is by improving the landscaping. Overgrown trees – or dead ones – along with large areas of dirty concrete or scruffy grass are never a good look.

Aside from not looking very attractive, they also suggest to your potential clients that you don’t care, and you don’t pay attention to detail. Neither of those impressions is good for business.

Call in the local garden experts and instruct them to redesign your landscaped area, with an emphasis on drought-tolerant plants. They will cope with Australia’s trying climate conditions without needing too much work on your part to keep the area looking good.

So, if you have a great location but the building needs a refresh, consider one or more of the possibilities listed here. One small step in the facelift department could be the giant step that allows your Self Storage facility match it with the new kids on the block – and that is definitely good for business.